Who Will Win Ballon d’Or 2019 by agensbobet888?

Ballon d’Or agensbobet888 is one of the most precious and prestigious football awards a player can get. Winning the Ballon d’Or, or also known as Golden Ball, means the winner is the best player in the previous year. It is not too much if winning Ballon d’Or is the highest achievement and award a football player can achieve. Originated in more than 50 years ago, football lovers now wonder who will win Ballon d’Or 2019. There are numerous candidates mentioned to win the award, including the most top players: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s talk about the history of Ballon d’Or first.

The Origin of agensbobet888

Ballon d’Or actually is the football award that is given annually and presented by France Football. It has been awarded since 1956 up to now. Although it is presented by France Football, between 2010 and 2015 FIFA made an agreement to merge the award with FIFA World Player of the Year. Thus, the award is known as FIFA Ballon d’Or. Starting from 2016 onwards, the partnership is put to an end and the award reverted to its original name, while FIFA also reverted to its own annual award.

Through the years, the award undergoes several changes. The first change is voting. From 1956 to 2006, football journalists had the right to vote who is the best player over the previous year. However, from 2007 onwards, the coaches and captains of national teams were given the right to vote as well. The next change is the winner. Ballon d’Or was originally given for players originated from Europe. In 1995, Ballon d’Or was given for players who have been active at European clubs regardless of their origin. Next, since 2007, the award becomes global prize. It means that all professionals footballers all included as long as they are eligible.

Ballon d’Or Records at agensbobet888

Before talking about Ballon d’Or 2019, let’s see the records of Ballon d’Or’s winner first. Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have won the award five times and they hold the most awards record. Besides, they also have been nominated 11 times with Ronaldo is in the second place 6 times and Lionel Messi in the second place 5 times and the third-place 1 time. From 2008 to 2017, the winner of Ballon d’Or is Ronaldo if it is not Messi. However, Luka Modric stands out and be the winner of Ballon d’Or 2018. It is like the era of Ronaldo and Messi starts to crumble. Now the question arises, will Ronaldo or Messi can win Ballon d’Or 2019back?

Ballon d’Or 2019 Candidates by agensbobet888

The most mentioned candidates are indeed Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. If you ever ask why the answer is simply obvious. Both Ronaldo and Messi have won Ballon d’Or 5 times. It means they have not yet decided who is the best player between them. The chance to prove it in 2018 was thrown by Luka being the winner of Ballon d’Or 2019. Besides, they both are dubbed as the greatest players of all time, but their rivalry has not come to an end yet. Now, Ronaldo and Messi have the chance to prove it in Ballon d’Or 2019.

The other strong candidate to win Ballon d’Or 2019 is Virgil Van Dijk. He is favored because he is one of the key players in Liverpool for winning Champions League and Premier League although it is just in the second place behind Manchester City. According to Adrian, Liverpool goalkeeper, Van Dijk is totally favored to win Ballon d’Or 2019. He said that it is not easy to be the defensive player in Premier League but Van Dijk proves that he has a spectacular level.

In addition, Van Dijk has won the Premier League Player of the Season and Players’ Player of the Year because of his play bringing Liverpool becomes the winner of Champions League and Runner Up in Premier League. For Van Dijk, winning Ballon d’Or 2019 may be tough if it is against Ronaldo and Messi since they have been nominated 11 times. It can be said that Van Dijk may put Ronaldo and Messi’s reign to an end if he succeeded in winning Ballon d’Or 2019. Let’s see on September 23.